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RT Skin

Weighted Hula-Hoop

Weighted Hula-Hoop

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RTA Smart Weighted Hula-Hoop

Easy to use and won't let you down - the Smart HulaRing is a breeze to assemble and operate when compared to traditional hula hoops. Each segment features a magnetic disc, providing a level of support that regular hula hoops can't match. Moreover, the soft massage heads deliver a 360° massage effect, enhancing the fitness advantages of your workout.

Removable design - with a simple push of a button, you can disassemble the hula ring and adjust it according to your waist measurement.

Quick calorie burn - just 15 minutes a day and you'll achieve a slimmer waist, increased flexibility, and a revitalized feeling.

Two-in-one - fitness and massage - as you hula hoop, the rubber massage heads (including magnetic therapy discs) work to deeply massage your muscles, aiding in rapid fat burning.

Suitable for all - from novices to seasoned athletes, everyone will discover the ideal size for their waist. Additionally, we exclusively employ premium ABS materials and rubber Hula Hoop Balls for extra durability and performance.


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